A tiny little bird is sitting on a tree branch outside my window as I am beginning to stare at the blank page of my computer. I am intently asking God to lead me in the direction He wants this newsletter to go. Feeling the pressure (from myself) to complete this in a timely manner, I wrestle with my thoughts trying to hear from God. I can’t help but turn my attention to this little bird chirping as loud as she can (a little annoying, I might add) outside my window.

So…I begin to study the little bird.

There are no other birds around her, there is food in my bird feeder, the weather is pleasant and I see no harm trying to threaten her life. Yet, she continues to chirp with all that she has. Why? Why is she chirping so loudly, so focused as if to be on a mission? No one is listening. No one is noticing. No one is communicating back. No one really seems to care whether she chirps or not, yet she continues to chirp. Her determination is evident. She has something to say and nothing is going to stop her. Her tenacity is admirable, her dedication is relentless, her courage is strong and her message has no doubt…Why? What is motivating her to chirp without ceasing? Where does that surge of energy come from in an animal so tiny?

The distraction of a fly makes me spill my water glass across my desk (not on my computer, thank you, Lord) and takes me away from the window. Several minutes later I come back and the little bird is gone. Thinking nothing of it, I start my newsletter…

God continues to take spiritual ground as he uses those who are saying “yes” to his call of “taking action”. The word God gave WOPU for 2019 was “Catapult”. We believe that He wanted to catapult His Word into the atmosphere. The next question was “HOW”? How do we “take action” on catapulting His Word into the spiritual realm? Just as God always does, He showed us “how”.

April 28, 2019, WOPU held the first Bible Reading Marathon in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

We read for 90 hours straight and had nearly 300 people reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in the gazebo on the Courthouse lawn. We ended at noon on the National Day of Prayer and then joined a local church which was leading the National Day of Prayer. The community united together and spoke “out loud” the Word of God.

As each reader stepped to the podium, they rang a bell before reading signifying the release of their sound into the heavens into the atmosphere over our city.

Many of our WOPU groups joined us in their cities by simultaneously reading the same scriptures we were reading. Numerous states were covered with God’s Word. Hallelujah! God catapulted His Word into the spirit realm and we know His Word does not return void.

It was amazing to participate in such a monumental event as we made CONNECTING HEAVEN and EARTH THROUGH PRAYER June, 2019 SPECIAL REPORT history in Arkadelphia. We had over 20 churches and groups which read 15-minute slots within the 90 hour marathon. We also had those who came just to listen to the Word going forth as well as some came to pray.

We had Pastors, Pastors wives, Judges, Police officers, the Sheriff, City employees, teachers, children, the FCA group from our high school, College groups, the elderly and everyone in between. (Our youngest to read was 7 years old!)

Nancy and I witnessed tears on the cheeks of several as they read, knowing how it touched their hearts.

We witnessed our community coming together uniting with one common goal; love for God’s Word.

The denominational barriers were broken and all that were a part of the bigger picture were truly blessed.

Each person that read had a mission, determination, something to say, tenacity, dedication, courage and nothing was going to stop us. The rain and wind didn’t stop us nor did the long night hours when no one else was there to listen. We pressed through having no doubt that we were “taking action” on what God had asked us to do. Honoring Him “with” His Word and giving Him praise “for” His written Word.

My thoughts go back to the little bird I saw this morning. God showed me that she was giving praise to her maker just as we were. What was her motivation, where did her serge of energy come from?

It came from a grateful heart which desired above all to sing praises to the Mighty One, no matter if anyone was listening or not. She was catapulting “out loud” her praise into the atmosphere. She was “taking action” on that branch just as we were in the gazebo.

“His eye is on the sparrow, so I know He watches me.”

This little tiny bird has taught me a huge lesson today. I saw such similarities in the little bird and the Bible Reading Marathon. We were doing just what that little bird was doing. Giving God honor. God desires praise from His creation. The birds don’t have to wait till Sunday morning at 10:35 to give praise to the Lord. They sing every day, with all their hearts, honoring their maker. We don’t have to wait for a Bible Reading Marathon to honor God. We can do it every day of our lives. We can praise with determination. We can honor our Lord daily as if being on a mission. We can praise Him even if no one is listening.

God desires His Word to be read and applied to our daily lives and then praised for His greatness.

I pray that our “taking action” encourages you to take action daily and pray/praise with tenacity, courage, determination and dedication with no doubt, even when no one is listening. God is listening. Release your sound into the heavens.