God Is On The Move!

2019 has been a whirlwind for Women of Prayer United and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any with the closing of the year.  We have definitely seen God catapulting His word into the atmosphere tearing down strongholds and moving us forward in the Sequoia Vision. The miracle stories continue to manifest in ways that are undeniable. I am so excited to highlight our year and tell you of God’s faithfulness. 

March 1-3, 2019 was our 4th annual Prayer Celebration and it far exceeded what God had done the prior year.  He is the ONLY one that can top His own work!! We met March 1st, Friday evening through March 3rdSunday morning in Arkadelphia, AR with women traveling from cities and states that are all connected in united prayer. Many cities set up a display table that personalized their group and gave us insight that we are all doing the same thing in prayer with a uniqueness all their own 


The Center was decorated with seven different backdrops all representing each of the seven mountains of societal influence we pray over daily Monday through Friday. We had a guest speaker to speak on each mountain, sharing how God is moving and how we can pray more specifically. Then we prayed and made declarations over the mountains which were so very strategic and powerful. 

            God had instructed us to Release Our Sound in Heaven, so we all came equipped with a bell to ring as we prayed. It was amazing to hear all the different bells ringing! Saturday night we had a praise concert with a violin, harp, piano, trumpet, and two enormous wind chimes. They were all releasing praise to the Lord and it was angelic. We truly celebrated answered prayer. God exceeded my expectations with His awe-some-ness.       


Other highlights of the Prayer Celebration this year was the launch of  Mr. Spickle’s children’s book series and the announcement of the next book we would read together, 90 Day of Power Prayer, by Kynan Bridges.  Not only do we unite in prayer daily, but we’re also growing together spiritually in our prayer lives through the ministry’s book selections.  


Our next adventure was the Flash Mob which we performed in the streets of downtown Arkadelphia. We sang “Every Praise is to Our God” to the Hezekiah Walker soundtrack. It brought tears to my eyes as we praised God in the middle of the street and brought glory to the Lord. Let’s just say, we made history in Arkadelphia that day and in heaven.

The flash mob was the kick-off for the Bible Reading Marathon on our courthouse lawn. The Bible was read from Genesis to Revelation for 90 hours straight. We had over 300 people that participated in reading the Bible and releasing God’s Word into the atmosphere. Many people were so touched by the Lord they would cry as they read and lives were changed as the Word of the Lord went forth. It was read in five different languages and from seven years old to 85. Men and women of all denominations came together united in one accord to lift up the Word of the Lord. The rain poured and the winds were relentless, but nothing stopped God’s Word from being read. We ended on the National Day of Prayer at noon and all adjourned to a nearby church to join in prayer for our Nation. God exceeded my expectations with His awe-some-ness. 


We dove into the summer with a “Let’s visit our nearest leaders.” Nancy and I had the best time traveling to visit leaders that could be reached in a day’s drive. We love spending time with our leaders and getting to know them on a personal level. Each city and leader had something different to tell us about and we loved seeing how it all fit together like our puzzle. Everyone is so unique, special and valued that we were overwhelmed with God’s plan of uniting us in the spirit.  

The cities we visited were:  Farmerville, LA, Henderson TX, Carthage, Shreveport & Glouchester, LA, Glenwood, AR,  Burleson & Dallas, TX, 




 It was a wonderful summer ending in Weatherford, TX attending and speaking at a seminar at Capernaum Village.  God exceeded my summer expectations with His awe-some-ness!       

Our new website launched Sept 1st and we are dancing on the rooftops with excitement for this. It was a three-month process of tweaking and changing until it was perfect… It is going to be a great tool to use as we grow and expand with the culture. Please be sure to share the new address www.wopunited.org with all your contacts.   And yes, once again, God exceeded my expectations with His awe-some-ness!! 

Mr. Spickles is now famous in more ways than one. Mr. Spickles Learns to Pray and Mr. Spickles Loves to Pray, both available on Amazon for those interested in purchasing your own copies.  His books are in the Longport, LA library and coming to a library near you. Mr. Spickles has been in,  and won first prize in the Education Division, in a parade;  he has had a booth in the Clark County Fair and is making plans to further his career with three more books and a (OOOPS, I can’t reveal it quite yet…but stay tuned. There is much more in store for Mr. Spickles and it is BIG!!) God has exceeded my expectations with His awe-some-ness!!


Women of Prayer United is now a member of the Arkadelphia Chamber of Commerce and with that will be advertised in their Visitor’s Guide reaching 6,000 in circulation. This will let people know that we are praying for our city and introduce them to prayer as a vital part of public life going beyond their church walls or traditional prayer chains. God is on the move expanding the footprint of His Kingdom to the mountains of societal influence.

We have also purchased a brick with our name imprinted in it for a Streetscaping project in the downtown area. Women of Prayer United will literally be engraved in the community which we have declared as holy ground and long after we are gone to be with Jesus, people will still know that we have invested prayer over our cities, states, and nation.

We praise our great God for the women who have answered the call to united prayer for their cities through Women of Prayer United, now representing 16 states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Washington, Colorado, Georgia, Wyoming, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia and Alaska. All glory to the Lord!!  He has exceeded our expectations with His awe-some-ness!!

Possibly our biggest news is “What’s to Come?”  We have already started plans for 2020. Our new Prayer Calendar is available for purchase at the Store on this website. God has shown us to continue to “Release Your Sound in Heaven…. but next year we are to take it farther than just declaring God’s Word, we are to add  “Release Your Sound in Heaven, NOW SING”.   Plans are underway to launch a new prayer initiative at the 2020 Prayer Celebration, more on that at our Celebration, so you are not going to want to miss this one!  Save the dates: March 6-7, 2020, this year ending Saturday night.

In keeping with our theme “NOW SING”, we began to pray and ask God for guidance and direction about what He wanted for our Prayer Celebration. And with one confirmation after another,  we were led to invite Sandi Patty!!  Yes, you are reading it correctly. Sandi Patty will be coming to Arkadelphia, AR Saturday, March 7, 2020, at 7:00 pm for  Simply Sandi: An Intimate Night of Songs & Stories with Sandi Patty.  We could not be any more excited to see what God is going to do!!

Tickets available under EVENTS at wopunited.org

Nancy and I have been in prayer and are filled with much anticipation for this historic gathering. In that spirit, we are hosting the Saturday night concert as a “Red Carpet” event in anticipation of what it would be like to actually be in the presence of the King of Kings because we will be. We are asking everyone to please dress as you would if you were going to meet the Lord for a state visit. We believe the Lord will honor our faith and make His presence known.   So save the date, and prepare your hearts.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to all our leaders and individuals that pray unitedly with us. History is being changed by your prayers and through united prayer, God will save the next generation. We love each of you and thank God daily for you as we continue the journey together. Keep prayer as a passion and see what God can do!!